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Bio Gas and solar plant

Funded R & D Projects

Bio-Gas Plant:

A biogas plant with a capacity of 160^3 is installed in RVS College of Engineering and Technology. Food and kitchen waste with human excrete are put into the plant covered with Polyurethane material. The tank is rectangular in size and the gas is collected inside the covered dome. The produced gas is used in two ways to reduce the fossil fuel.

  • A diesel generator set with 100kW is utilizing the gas with rich methane in the ratio of 60% gas and 40% diesel. Thus there is power generation from the plant with bi-fuel mode and saving of fossil fuel i.e. diesel.
  • In the form using thermal energy clean gas rich in methane is sent through a blower to get gas under pressure. The biogas is burnt in boiler furnace to get hot water for cooking in steam boiler. The gas is also used directly to bun in steam boiler.
  • Use of gas for power generation saves diesel fuel while thermal application saves LPG or fire wood used in steam boiler.
Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plant:

The 3X100kW grid connected solar PV panels are functioning in the campus since 2011. It generates 50 kw of electric power that satisfies the in house electricity needs together with TNEB distributions. More than 30% of electricity demands of the institutions are met by this renewable energy source.

Design and Construction of a Scalable Cat Fish Drying Unit using hybrid energy sources

The beneficiary is WCCRM, a Christian missionary head quartered in Nigeria. The objective of the project is to construct a scalable cat fish drying oven using hybrid energy sources viz. biogas, electricity and diesel. The oven has been innovatively designed for drying the cat fish and produce the dried fish as a ready to consume food product. Oil extracted during the process of drying which has high medicinal value is collected separately. The project duration is six months and upon successful completion of the pilot plant construction, the project will be scaled up to construct a cat fish drying unit of 1 Ton capacity.